Alojamiento Ubicación Persona de Contacto

(07/04/2021) Anonymous, Espanya

" Excelente alojamiento por ubicacion y por estado de conservacion

" Muy buena atencion por parte de la inmobiliaria

9 9 9

(20/07/2020) Verodel, Belgica

" We were first in castella 2 which is a very nice fully renovated appartment with a nice view, good beds, and located in a quiet place though close to beaches and shops, restaurants but, due to the boiler breakdown, we moved to apt a 1-2 of illa blanca, which is also very nicely decorated, well-equipped and perfectly located. both appartments are top choices, we were just unlucky with the boiler of the first one.

" The service could not be better. i am fully satisfied. we unfortunately had an unexpected boiler issue, though the the boiler looked new (the appatment was fully renovated). finques frigola reacted directly but according to the plumber, the problem could not be fixed during the week-end. finques frigola offered us different solutions including to move to another appartment of, at least,the same level of comfort, what we did. again, they reacted very rapidly and professionally to keep us satisfied.

10 10 10

(16/09/2019) Alba, Espanya

" Molt bé

" Bé, si que ho recomanaria

10 10 7

(19/08/2019) Philippe, Francia

10 10 10

(29/07/2019) Jean-bertrand, France

9 8 10

(15/07/2019) Stuart, U.k.

" No problems

8 8 8

(06/08/2018) Francine, U.k.

" On the day we were due to arrive we received a phone call to say that due to a problem in the 1 bedroom apartment we had booked, we would be staying in an apartment nearby. we were told it was a much better apartment, i was a little dubious. however, true to their word, it was an amazing apartment, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, air con and wifi, modern and very well equipped. we had a fantastic week, and the deposit was returned as promised. highly recommended.

" Friendly and professional service, highly recommended.

10 10 10

(30/07/2018) Anonymous, Noruega

" The apartment was practical and modern with a good situation. the pool and the garden was always clean.

" The apartment was not cleaned when we arrived, but this was handled perfect by the staff at finques frigola.

10 9 10

(15/05/2018) Cecile, France

10 10 10

(21/08/2017) Pablo, España

" Excelente

10 10 7